If you already have a zip program please go to step 6.

Steps 1 & 2 only need to be performed once.


1.            The following program will let you create zip files directly off the CD. IT IS FREE. Go to www.download.com  In the Search box type: ZipGenius  Scroll down to ZipGenius Standard Edition & click Download. Install the software.



2.              Create a folder on your hard drive to put zip files. Example: Click on the C drive and create a folder called “Zipped-Files”



3.              Put in the CD and find the drawings. Highlight the drawings you need printed and right click the mouse with the mouse arrow in the highlighted area. A popup screen will appear.



4.              On the popup screen find ZipGenius and left click it. Another popup screen will appear. Chose the 2nd line down that says “create archive with options” by clicking on it.



5.              The tab will show “Full Path” Find the folder you use for zip files (C:Zip-Files) and click on it. Note the zip name and click “Proceed” Your zipped file will be created.



6.              Go to www.freeplotting.com Click on “Upload”. Click “Browse” and find your zip file. Click on it and click “Open” Click “submit”. Call DPI or send us an email. Minimize Explorer & continue working while the file uploads. Large files can take time to upload.