More & more GCs are sending out an ITB without plans. Instead they send a CD, a link to a FTP site, or a site that charges for downloads (& the printing prices are high).


DPI can reduce the cost of getting these plans printed by over 50%. If you are buying plans to bid work then DPI will save your company thousands of dollars a year. How does it work?


  • If the GC mails you a CD, we will show you how to easily send DPI the files electronically in under two minutes .



  • If the GC emails you an ITB with a link to an FTP site or a plan room that allows free downloads forward the email to:


  • What if the only way to get digital files is to pay for the download? You can avoid paying too much by calling the GC. Ask the GC to mail you a CD. If the GC is north Metro Atlanta, DPI will pick up the CD for no charge.


  • All jobs are printed the same day & shipped to your door the next day. Need it quicker? Same day delivery is available in North Metro Atlanta. Flat rate price for shipping is $5.00.


If you often have to buy plans to bid work, you probably qualify for this program.

To get setup call Scott Harris 770-992-7198 or 800-659-9654